Deny the facts while claiming that the issue in question has nothing to do with the evidence at hand. Common weasel wording includes such lines as: there is an “on-going investigation and I cannot comment on it”. Also deny being part of what has taken place. Bill Clinton’s famous denial ‘I did not have sex with that woman…” is an example of this tactic.  Obama’s denials concerning the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, Libya is yet another example.

Display artificial indignation and claim to be a victim, even when the opposition has photos, video, recordings and witnesses proving their story to be factual. Then play the beleaguered victim while hurling accusations at the accusers.

Cloud the facts, bend the truth, and blame everything on someone else (e.g. the previous administration). With this tactic it is important to use some facts, but not the whole truth and to bend the truth in the desired direction. Mainstream media surrogates make this easier.

When necessary, lie. Go on the attack with the most offensive story possible. Offer up counter accusations to throw the opposition off balance. According to Saul Alinsky (Rules For Radicals), if your enemy is spending his time defending himself, he can’t pursue accusations against you.

Create doubt about the opposition’s integrity, honor, character, proof, witnesses, video, or photos through lies, distortions, and counter-accusations—preferably aided by the mainstream media. Get the media on message with talking points and “Key phrases”.

Accuse and label the opposition. Use the old “they want …” line and fill in the blank from the following menu:
They want to…  starve kids, take medicine away from old people, pollute the water and air, live large while others starve, keep it all for themselves, let people to die while they profit, etc.

Over the past 6+ years the Obama administration has used the following terms to describe the opposition: “malicious”, “insensitive”, “evil”, “hostile”, “threatening, “the enemy”, and “flat earther’s” to name just a few. Class warfare is an effective aspect of this tactic.

Create another crisis such as the faux fiscal cliff debacle, to distract people from the real story (e.g. Benghazi, etc.). Create a “war on…” women, …children, …the poor, etc. —or blame it all on something else such as a video or anything else that will distract observers from the real issue.

Threaten the opposition with dire consequences. Get the media to join in by echoing the threat. To see this tactic in practice firsthand watch CNN, CNBC or MSNBC.

Engage in character assassination. Go after any aspect of their life that might be vulnerable—nothing is off limits—and use maximum intimidation while claiming the opposition is “mean spirited” and engages in the “politics of personal destruction.” Divide and conquer the opposition by pitting them against each other.

Press your agenda while the opposition is distracted by your tactics. As the media adds to the Distraction by covering your Distortions and Misdirection, make as much progress advancing your agenda as possible.

Continue to disagree about the facts no matter what happens. Disagree vehemently and loudly with anyone in the opposition, no matter how obvious the validity of their claims may be. Follow Hillary Clinton’s lead in giving testimony on the Benghazi debacle: pound the table in indignation. Look directly at the camera and with all of the artificial sincerity you can muster, claim your innocence.

Acknowledge the facts of the case but only when the trial is over, the election is won, statute of limitations has passed, you don’t think it will matter anymore, or the book deal payoff is big enough.

Finally, admit the truth but make light of it as if the matter is of little importance—after all “it happened so long ago”, etc… Do not admit to any responsibility, and show no remorse.

These are only twelve of the tactics that make up the grand strategy of today’s so-called progressive democrats. Observe liberal “democrats”, especially during Obama’s second term and I believe you will find that Noah Webster was right!

“Funny” how all these points start with the letter “D-“…

“We could say they spend like drunken sailors, but that would be unfair to drunken sailors, because the sailors are spending their own money.” ~ Ronald Reagan

~Original author unknown.

Carpe Diem, SED Caveat Emptor. (Seize The Day, BUT Buyer Beware.)